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A real treat for you today guys! I recently did a live website conversion review with Brian Dean for his website, and he was kind enough to allow me to share the recording of it on my blog for you all to watch and learn a trick of two from.

If you haven’t heard of Brian yet, you should – he has now become an SEO legend. He has written some of the best and most shared SEO and link-building content on the web!

He has no problem with getting traffic (over 50,000 uniques per month!) but he came to me because he wanted to begin focusing on improving his low conversion rates.

The website review for

Here is the review – its 45 minutes long and I critique Brian’s website from the viewpoint of a conversion expert, and also a first time visitor. So grab some coffee and something to write on, make yourself comfy and then hit the play button!

Some of the websites and tools mentioned

Here are some tool and website notes that we discussed in the review:

Optin Skin, Optin Monster and FooBar (for capturing more email leads)

Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely (for running A/B tests) (great example of a highly converting blog) and (great examples of social proof) (discussed the best parts of Ramit’s new redesign)

– How to change your blog dates to last updated instead of publish date

Now over to you…

If you enjoyed this review and learned some great ideas from it, please do the following:

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And if you are interested in a conversion and sales boosting site review like this done for your website, check out my website review services page.


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  • Brian Dean

    Thanks again for doing this, Rich. Not only did I have a blast, I learned A LOT. I knew you were a CRO expert, but I was blown away with your recommendations. So many things I would have never thought about.

    (The only one that’s not happy about is my web developer because I gave him a to-do list a mile long!).

    Can’t wait to get better conversions thanks to your insights.

  • Great stuff. Hope your conversions go up.

  • No problem Brian! It was a pleasure (and fun) doing it for you! Glad you learned so many things! Let’s definitely do another one of these in a few months and see how well you have improved…

  • Thanks Ron, glad you liked it!

  • Danny Michelson

    I sat through the whole video – very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing this Rich and Brian!

  • Shiv Ettes

    Awesome! I hadn’t heard of Brian, but he seems great; pretty cool looking site. Thanks for sharing your critique. Will you post another soon?

  • Umer

    Quick heads up the link for optin skin is broken.

  • Ah, great spot, just fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

  • I’ve heard of Brian. He’s one of the best SEO’s in this field. He usually posts like he’s a boxer or laborer like “one two punch technique”, “sky scrapper technique”. LOL

  • Inder Techboy
  • Inder Techboy