Reader Poll: What are Your Biggest Website Testing and Conversion Problems?

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Improving your website, increasing conversion rates and online revenue isn’t as easy as many think, and I’m sure you are beginning to realize that. It can be fraught with frustrations, bottlenecks, inefficiencies, mistakes and hair tearing out moments. That’s partly why I wrote a book on testing and optimizing websites!

To help everyone get an understanding of what the most common biggest issues are in regards to testing and optimization, I have created a poll. Please go ahead and pick your answer to the question below, then comment on this post with more details on your answer (please don’t be shy) – you might win a copy of my book too! I will then create a post about the most common problems to help you learn ways of dealing with them. Here’s the poll:

To encourage you to comment below with your biggest problem in a bit more detail, I’m giving away a free copy of my book at random to a lucky commenter.

Keep checking back to see what the biggest winning problem is, and to see if you have won the copy of my book. I will also then create a post related to the answer with the most votes to help give you some ideas to help with that problem.

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  • Definitely it will be lack of buy in for most people, because even if your organization is lucky enough to have someone aware of conversion rate testing (let alone dedicated on that job) then he will still have to struggle to get people out of their vested interests and preconceptions around design and content issues, as well as the general habits of all websites to take aesthetics and “best first guess” as adequate conversion foundation.

  • My biggest website testing and conversion problem? Not enough relevant traffic to start with. I often end up doing inbound marketing for client.

  • Tech teams are often nervous of tag scripts ( especially for marketing! ) so often accidentally deprioritise

  • Basically it’s very much difficult to understand the situation of designing from the visitor or buyer point of view.
    My site is on very good ranking but I am not able to get conversion with the web development company & web design company.
    I am planing to change many things starting from design to development as well marketing strategy.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Hi Rich,

    It really depends on who you’re asking.

    Sometimes with the bigger companies it it’s much more difficult to implement drastic changes to their pages because of their internal ‘branding guidelines’. Demonstrating the financial improvement of CRO to Senior Management can be a good way to get around this.In addition, delayed conversions usually occur where immediate customer interaction is not required.