Just launched: My long awaited new website design (and a contest)!

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It’s finally live – my long awaited website redesign of rich-page.com! And you can win a website conversion review to help celebrate the launch!

It’s been many months in the making, and is long overdue. As you can see I’ve modernized the look, and ‘baked-in’ many conversion rate optimization best practices for blogs and service websites.

Here are some of the biggest changes in my redesign:

  • Fully responsive to look great and highly usable on any screen resolution or mobile device.
  • Brand new homepage, focused on my offerings, rather than just showing latest articles.
  • Sticky header navigation that changes when you scroll to focus on key pages.
  • Sticky side bar content to remove wasted white space when scrolling.
  • A new ‘start here’ page and a new conversion rate optimization services page.
  • A new ‘social share’ bar that only shows share numbers when more than 10 shares happen.

And a huge shout out to my web designer – Jose Manuel Arellanes. Couldn’t have done it without him!

Win a 60 minute live website conversion review

To celebrate the launch of the newly improved website, I’m offering a 60 minute conversion review to a lucky winner. To stand a chance of winning, simply comment below mentioning your favorite website redesign, and the reasons you love it. I will announce the winner at the end of the month. Good luck!

And to get you started and inspire you, here’s a few of my favorite recent website redesigns:

I look forward to seeing your comments about my redesign (dont be shy!), and your favorite redesigns. Thanks and good luck!

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  • Richard Broome

    Hi Rich. What I look for in a site I land on is – what is it? What’s it about? And then{ What do I get? Now the answer to my third question would not have been immediately obvious to me if I had not arrived from a link in your newsletter (which I always enjoy). So that’s my comment! 😉

  • Mike H.

    Nice new design! Very responsive! 🙂

  • Thanks Mike! Yeah responsive is really important for improving usability on mobile phones and tablets – most sites have really poor conversion rates on mobile sites.

  • Hi Richard – thanks for the comment. What would have made it more obvious? I’m always looking for good feedback 🙂 The homepage should have definitely helped if people click on the logo or directly arrive on the homepage.

  • I like it. It’s not chocked with pop ups and banner adverts..

  • Sarah M.

    Hey Rich! Your website design looks great! Makes me want to improve mine. I really like the new structure. The new navigation is nice, especially the sticky header and side bar. Well done! 🙂

  • Kurt Braun

    Nicely done. In reality the responsive design is critical because especially in your business, people can come in from any screen size. We just did something similar in our recent redesign.

  • Deana

    HI Rich,

    Your site redesign looks very nice and does a nice job building credibility as one reads down the page. I like the simple design with 2 main choices making it quick and easy to choose a path. The sticky top nav is a great way to keep the main areas available while people scroll down the page. The short and sweet text down the page sells your services in an easy to read and powerful way. Your testimonials look great and the results mentioned offer readers credibility.

    By the way, I tried to get your free website improvement ebook but the error message said page not found. https://rich-page.com/web-analytics/out-now-my-new-free-website-improvement-ebook/

  • Jeremy Smith

    Rich, love the redesign. I especially like how the index page is very simple. Most home pages are chalked full of stuff and people are really just looking for a direction in which to go. it’s as if the home page acts as a switchboard and a user needs to know where to be transferred to in order to get their question answered. I also love the idea of showing share numbers when they reach a certain threshold. I don’t think thats anything I have ever thought about before, but it makes a ton of sense.

    Great job overall.

  • Thanks Jeremy! I appreciate the kind words. I was really trying to streamline the homepage as much as possible, and cut out clutter.

  • Hi Deana – glad you really like it and that you think it builds credibility – that was one of my the main problems of my site being a blog previously. Thanks!

  • Thanks Kurt! Hope it gave you great results on your redesign too.

  • Yeah, I know what you mean – its a real conversion killer with too many banner ads in particular.