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If you are in online marketing, I’m sure you have heard of conversion rate optimization (CRO). It has been a buzz word for several years, yet even with its huge potential impact on increasing website sales, it still pales in comparison to exposure about SEO. Pretty sad right?

Therefore this is a ‘call-to-action’ to all online marketers (couldn’t resist the pun!) for some superhero-like love to spread the word about the huge benefits of CRO!

Some Shocking Facts About the Growth of ‘CRO’

Before we get to the great quotes, here is some background about why CRO needs some superhero love to make it more popular.

Even though the ‘conversion rate optimization’ phrase is now often used and understood, there are some shocking findings about the CRO abbreviation for it:

The keyword ‘CRO’ has zero relevant results in first 3 pages of Google results!

Google keyword search volume for CRO remains much lower than SEO

cro keyword volume

Google trend for CRO remains very low (spike caused by a new rapper called Cro!)

cro versus seo trend

Even with many great experts waving the CRO benefits flag (like Tim Ash, Bryan Eisenberg, Brian Massey, Neil Patel, Peep Laja, Chris Goward and Brooks Bell), sadly the word just isn’t spreading quick enough to people working with online businesses.

And boy are these online businesses missing out! So to help everyone spread the word, I thought I would put together a list of the best quotes about the benefits of CRO.

CRO Benefits Tweetable Quotes to Spread the Word

Let’s help spread the word about the benefits of CRO to all online businesses, and let them know that doing SEO isn’t the only way to increase sales! Here are some of the best quotes and stats for you to help out the cause with: grew revenue 363% by doing homepage CRO 
Tweet This! –  Source increased sign-ups by 153% with CRO
Tweet This! –  Source increased subscriptions by 46% by doing CRO
Tweet This! –  Source

“Doubling conversion rate means you halve your cost per acquisition”  Tweet This! –  Source generated an extra $1 million in sales doing CRO
Tweet This! –  Source

“CRO engages visitors & drives repeat traffic at lower cost than PPC”
Tweet This! –  Source

Barack Obama raised an additional $60 million using CRO
Tweet This!Source

Please help spread the word about the benefits of CRO by tweeting those quotes and stats, or sending them to friends who work for websites.

Hopefully we can get much more exposure to small businesses in particular and make them realize more than just SEO is needed to increase sales!

CRO Quotes and Stats to Help See You Have a Problem

On the flipside, its important to let online businesses know they probably have CRO problems and a low conversion rate.

Many business do not even realize they have a conversion rate optimization problem, let alone know they need to do CRO!

Therefore, here are some quotes to tweet and help businesses understand they have a problem with their website:

“Most websites dont have a traffic problem, yet every website has a conversion problem” Bryan Eisenberg   Tweet This!

Typical website conversion rates are 2-3%. Amazon’s is much higher at 10% – Steelhouse  Tweet This!

Your website is like a leaky bucket [and CRO plugs the biggest holes]” Peep Laja  Tweet This!

“Admitting you have a CRO problem is the first step to recovering lost website sales” Rich Page  Tweet This!

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 67% [causing millions in lost revenue]  Steelhouse  Tweet This!

Wrapping Up

Any online business who is serious about increasing sales and making more revenue on their website should be doing CRO, not just SEO.

Please help spread the word by tweeting the stats and quotes, and sharing this article. Thanks so much, and for all the CRO experts who have been helping so far!

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  • Patricia Fischer

    Nice research about CRO! Very revealing indeed

  • Thanks Patricia – glad you liked it, it was very revealing for me too 😉

  • M. Mubashar A

    @Rich Page What are you expecting, If CRO can beat the popularity of SEO in coming future as I’m really surprised how you dig out the new term in Internet Marketing.

  • Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean? I definitely think there is no reason why CRO can’t get as much exposure as SEO. They both increase website sales (CRO often more so!)

  • Mark Hall

    True this! We definitely need more championing of CRO methods, its pieces and parts, as well as some success stories. Reminds me of the state of UX 7 years ago. Keep the faith train moving and well get there!!

  • ryan

    Thanks for your writing. I love this post. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading your writing today, I think I have some ideas for myself. Look forwards to reading more useful articles from you. Great job!flower delivery mumbai

  • Thanks for your support Mark! I agree about needing more success stories being published – I see Optimizely are starting to release more at least!