Benefits and Best Practices of CRO for your Website – a Quiz!

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CRO quiz 4
Here is something a bit more fun (and a little educational) for you all today!

I just created this new quiz about conversion rate optimization (CRO) to help you understand how much you know about CRO and the benefits of it – it really can have a huge impact on increasing your website leads or sales.

It’s 18 quick questions, and you get a rating at the end so you know how well you did – and getting over 80% is considered great!

And I would love it if you would comment below with your results, and please help spread the word by sharing this quiz with your colleagues and friends. You’ll be surprised at how few people even know about CRO, let alone the benefits of it.

Here’s the quiz – just click the start button to take it. Enjoy!

After you have taken this CRO quiz, don’t forget to comment below with your quiz result and any comments you may have. Don’t be shy… thanks!

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  • Jennifer Wright

    How cool! I did okay I guess – I scored 60%. Great idea for a quiz Rich. Thanks!

  • Great idea to embed this quiz! Two quick things though. It’s not clear in parts that the answer can be more than one choice. And on question 8, it said in the answer that the one thing I didn’t select was one I shouldn’t have selected but still marked the answer wrong.

    (Don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t taken it.)

  • Hi Tinu! Thanks for the feedback – good point about being more clear about which are multiple choice. I just added an explanation of which ones are. Not sure what you mean about question 8 though? I have clarified the answer a bit more to make it more understandable. Would love to hear what rating you got overall!

  • The phone rang when I was trying to figure out what happened with question 8. I’ll come back and finish, then let you know.

  • Shane Taylor

    Great quiz, Rich! Quick question- You have in here that AB tests increase conversions 50% of the time. How could it be 50% all of the time? If it’s not 50% all of the time (it’s not), I believe that would make that statement a myth. Also, a lot of these answers are relative based on circumstance, right? Why wouldn’t anyone want as much free information as possible? Yes, too much information could make your head spin but only looking at one “expert’s” POV could also be detrimental.

  • Hey Shane! Thanks for the comments. For the 50% of tests answer, that was meant just as an average. Of course this will depend slightly on your testing methodology, and how good your test ideas and insights are. I was trying to make people realize that quite often tests won’t give good results, but not to give up on testing if it happens.

    And for the free information answer, I was trying to imply that sometimes free info isn’t as good as personalized help that is specific to your own website, or going to conversion related conferences. There certainly is some great free stuff (like Neil Patel’s guides, Unbounce and ConversionXL blogs), but unfortunately there is also a lot of ‘not-so-great’ free info out there. And I had to try and include a fake ‘myth’, and this one came to my mind. Do you have a better fake myth you would like to see added?

    And I could certainly elaborate more on the answers at the bottom of each quiz question, but didn’t want to bore people with too long explanations – wanted to keep it as light and to the point as possible 🙂

  • Shane Taylor

    I think you did a wonderful job with this, Rich. Definitely appreciate the follow-up and looking forward to future quizzes!

  • Alex London

    Ok, so I did badly – I’m not going to post my score! One thing that’s interesting is that the average conversion rate of websites is only 2-3%. Also, it’s amazing that the guardian was able to boost subscriptions by 46% – that’s an incredible number!