OptinMonster Versus Other Lead Generation Tools Like Sumo

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There are now several low-cost tools to give your website lead capture and subscriber conversion rate a huge boost. However, these lead generation tools all vary slightly in features and its often hard to decide which is best to use.

To help you understand the differences and pick one that best fits your needs, I have compared and rated the three major options available – OptinMonster, Sumo and Popup Domination.

You can see OptinMonster on my website which powers the popup that appears when you move your mouse to leave my website – known as an exit-intent popup. This tool gave me a huge boost in my email subscriber conversion rate – from 18% to 40%.

Here are the ratings and comparisons for these three major lead generation tools:

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Cost rating
8/10 Free very limited version. The professional plan is $29 per month. 7/10 The basic plan starts at $14 per month with limited features. 9/10 The starter plan is $9 per month and has all features.
Types of lead generation available 8/10 Popup forms, slide in forms, footer/header bars, welcome mats, and embeddable forms. 9/10 Popup forms, slide in forms, footer/header bars, full screen forms, and embeddable forms. 7/10 Comes with 30 popup form styles, but no embedded, header/footer or slide in forms.
Quality and amount of pre-built templates
8/10 Good quality but not a huge variety of templates, all work on mobile too. 9/10 Great variety of templates, and all work on mobile. Good option to create from blank canvas. 7/10 Varying quality of templates – some great, some basic. All work on mobile.
Ease of setting up
9/10 Very easy to setup. Works with any type of website. 9/10 Very easy to setup. Works with any type of website. 8/10 Very easy to setup. Works with any type of website.
Ability to customize
8/10 Good for customization options with a fairly easy to use builder. 9/10 Highly customizable, with very easy to use drag and drop builder. 7/10 Fairly good customization options and editor, but is still lacking in some areas.
Exit intent popup options 8/10 Reasonable exit-intent options, and included in all plans. 8/10 Great exit-intent options, but only for plus plan and up (from $29). 7/10 Reasonable exit-intent options, and included in all plans.
Analytics and A/B testing capabilities 8/10 Simple analytics, with A/B testing functionality included in all plans. 8/10 Good analytics and A/B testing, but only for plus plan and up (from $29). 7/10 Simple analytics, with A/B testing functionality included in all plans.
Overall rating 8/10 Good tool that is continually improving and offering new features. 9/10 Best all around tool with the most features, just slightly more expensive. 7/10 Great low price, but only has popups. Not that easy or customizable.
 Free trial? Get a 14-day free trial of Sumo Get a 14-day free trial of Optin Monster Get a 14-day free trial of Popup Domination

Which is better? OptinMonster, Sumo or Popup Domination

OptinMonster and Sumo are clearly the best if you want more than just popups. And while its the most expensive for exit-intent popups, I think OptinMonster is the best because it offers the most features like full screen popups, slide-up forms and footer forms, and launches new features regularly. The drag and drop is also very easy to use and is better than the one in the other tools.

All three have 14 day free trials, so don’t just take my word for it – give one a spin, and you can always try another if you don’t like it.

Get a 14-day free trial of OptinMonster

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Great visitor incentives and follow-up emails are also essential

You need more than just a lead generation tool though – it is even more important to offer a compelling incentive to capture the highest amount of leads or subscribers. Don’t just offer a signup to your newsletter, as this is not very engaging. To give your lead generation conversion rates a great boost, you should give away something of value for free (like I have done with my free conversion toolbox).

Other incentive ideas that often work well are giving away a free guide relating to your website, a first time purchase discount, or a free trial or consultation. I suggest you use the A/B testing options in these tools to see which converts better for your audience. You should also test different imagery and headlines for your incentives to see which converts best.

To increase your changes of converting visitors once you have their email address, you also really need to design a compelling series of follow-up emails. These should have the aim of ‘softly and gradually’ converting them for your main website goals (like a purchase or additional orders). Don’t be too salesy, aim to give free advice and content in combination with a few emails that explain the benefits of what you are offering.

Now over to you – have you used any of these tools with great success? Or maybe you use another lead generation tool – please comment below.

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  • Miguel Salcido

    Can one run two of these at the same time. So PopUp Domination and OptinMonster so as to get the best of both worlds?

  • manzarek75

    Hey Miguel – good question. Yes, you could run both at the same time, but you only would be able to run one popup out of the two, as this would really confuse and irritate your visitors to see two different popups. Much better would be to use one of those tools with Optin Skin’s embeddable forms (like you see above the comments area).

  • Miguel Salcido

    Yea, but in that scenario you miss out on exit pop ups. This is why I’d combine, to use the exit pop ups from one and the embedable forms of the other.

  • manzarek75

    I think we are saying the same thing 🙂 Yes, it would be great to combine an exit pop-up tool with the embeddable form one (Optin Skin).

  • Julie Read

    Just got going with Optin Monster, doing well so far but it doesn’t work with mobile devices. Thanks for the info and getting me making the most of my visitors!

  • Nice to hear from you Julie! Glad I could help you – let me know how it goes. Are you using the exit intent version of it? That will get you some even bigger lifts!

  • Cezary Pietrzak

    Rich, if none of these program works on mobile, then they automatically lose a huge part of their value. I often find that websites get 50-60% of their traffic from mobile, which is too big of a number to ignore.

  • For mobile just use hellobar… how in the world would you do exit intent with mobile anyway? There’s no mouse cursor… as soon as they hit the location bar it’s out of scope of the page.

  • Cezary Pietrzak

    I was referring to some type of solution that’s optimized for mobile. Of course it won’t be about exit intent, but maybe it’s an inline form field or something else that’s more important. my point is that you can’t ignore mobile.

  • Agreed. I think Ninja Pop-ups and Generation Plug-in are both mobile optimized.

  • Good point indeed Cezary. As Jason said, I think using a Hello Bar instead is ideal for mobile optimized websites. And thats amazing you have websites that get 50-60% mobile traffic! Most of my clients still get between 15-30% mobile traffic, but it really depends on what industry there are in.

  • I will have to check out both of those… thanks Jason!

  • dridge3770

    Rich — do any of these have a “hot-spot intent”? we have a shared site with each participating sponsor having a “profile page”, the exiting of which may be closing the window OR moving to the menu bar to pull up another profile page. exiting the profile page is what we’d like to generate the opt-in form.

  • Rich – I don’t see any mention of LeadPages.

  • Nikolai

    People, STAY AWAY from Popup domination: I cannot even DOWNLOAD the damn thing after a MONTH of paying for it, getting ZERO replies to my emails, support requests or even going through Clickbank support – NO action from them at all, and no refund after clearly asking for it few weeks ago. I am really pissed off, wasting so much time on this – its not even funny!

  • Nikolai

    STAY AWAY from Popup domination: I cannot even DOWNLOAD the damn thing after a MONTH of paying for it, ZERO replies, emails – ANY action from them at all, and still no refund.

  • mrgreen

    Hey, I’d seriously recommend https://converdiant.com if you still are in the market – their forms are 100% responsive and it’s even possible to target specific device types.

  • matthew22929

    popup domination is the best

  • Hi Rich! We do have the ability to trigger an optin on exit, and on hover: https://optinmonster.com/docs/trigger-monsterlinks-hover/.

  • Hi! To show an OptinMonster optin on mobile you will need to create one of the following (both require a Pro License):

    Mobile type optin — shows only on mobile devices.

    Fullscreen type optin — shows on all devices unless there’s a Mobile type also loading on the same page, in which case the Mobile type optin will take priority on mobile.

    All other popup type optins (Lightbox, Floating Bar, Canvas, Slide-In) load only on desktop.

    Our inline optins (After Post / Inline and Sidebar) load on all devices.

    If you’re using MonsterLinks on your site to show a Lightbox or Canvas type optin, the MonsterLink will work correctly across all devices with no additional steps necessary to make this feature mobile-responsive.

  • Daniel Salas

    I’m using convertplug from codecanyon & I’m very much happy!


  • Danielle Weisfeld

    Really awesome article, Rich!

    Seeing that you’re writing all about this, I thought I’d let you know about a CRO tool called Reactful. It’s a tool that uses emotional intelligence to optimize your website’s conversion rate. Reactful automatically triggers reactions in real-time in reaction to visitor intent to turn more ‘maybes’ into engaged prospects and customers.

    It would make a great addition to this killer list! Check it our here http://www.reactful.com