New Service! 10 Things To Help Improve Your Site for $149!

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In celebration of my new logo and site redesign, I am pleased to announce a brand new great service that will help improve your website, convert and engage more of your website visitors,  and keep them coming back for more.

For a limited time, for just $149 (regularly $199), I will do a review of your website, and recommend 10 personalized ways that you can improve your website. I guarantee you and your website visitors will be pleased with the results – if you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money no questions asked.

For just $149 I will help improve your website by:

  • Increasing goal conversions. Depending on your site, this could be by increasing sales or signups for example.
  • Reducing the bounce rate and exit rate of your pages (i.e. help engage your visitors once arriving).
  • Removing common website usability mistakes that frustrate your website visitors.
  • Keeping your visitors coming back for more (much cheaper than paying for new visitors to show up)

Here are the types of things I review and help improve:
Based on what type of website you have and its goals, here are some of the types of things I will review and make recommendations for improvement:

  • Your homepage and main landing pages
  • Your product or service pages
  • Your major ‘calls to actions’ on your website
  • Your website sign-up forms and flow
  • Your website shopping cart flow (if you have an ecommerce site)
  • The navigation flow on your website
  • The imagery/look and feel of your website
  • Your websites ‘value proposition’  (the benefit to your visitors)
  • General website usability issues for your website

Bonus – Traffic Driver Recommendations!
Based on your type of site, I will also recommend 3 personalized more unusual ways to help drive traffic to your website that you probably aren’t doing now.

How the process work/how to get started:

  • Via PayPal button below, send me your $149 payment, your website name,  domain, and the 3 main goals of your website.
  • I will then spend 2-3 hours reviewing your website, and send you a personalized report with my recommendations within 7 days.

What makes me the expert?
Well, I have been helping improve websites for nearly 10 years – both large fortune 500 websites and small ‘ma and pa’ websites. I also am a certified landing page optimization expert.  On my blog I have also been discussing website optimization techniques and tips for a long time.

Why should you take advantage of this new service:

  • It offers completely personalized recommendations for your website - no generic ‘canned’ responses.
  • It will gain you an advantage over your competitors whose websites are lacking in website optimization.
  • Its very cheap considering the return on it investment it will bring you (more sales, sign ups, repeat traffic).
  • I guarantee you will be happy with my service – if not, I will refund your money no questions asked.

What type of websites do you offer this service for?
All types – blogs, e-commerce sites, media sites, service websites, non-profit websites, personal websites - any kind of website really.

Other things to note:
This is different than search engine optimization (SEO) services - I don’t help increase your search engine rankings – I help improve your website so that visitors are engaged better and convert more once they arrive. And lastly, I don’t actually make the changes - I just make recommendations for what to change – many of these things are simple, some may require tech help to do the changes.

For a limited time there is a $50 discount – now only $149
This service is $149 now, but on Oct 31st 2009, this service will increase in price to $199 – so hurry and take advantage of this special $50 discount on this service.

Start improving your website and get started now – simply enter your details below and click ‘Pay Now’ to pay securely with PayPal. You will get your review within 7 days.

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Fill in these details below to contact me and get started:

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  • Will Johnston

    This is a great service. I used the same offer last year from Rich and it was worth every penny. I’m going to invite him to come back and do it again later in September after we do our site redesign. Thanks Rich!