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You have probably heard about those cool web tools that show you heat maps and exactly where your website visitors have clicked or hovered on your pages. Examples of these types of websites include CrazyEgg and Clicktale. And they do help to provide some great insights to help improve websites. But they really are no substitute for proper usability testing, but unfortunately usability lab testing can often be expensive.

Luckily, our friends over at are about to launch a great new free tool that bridges this website testing gap, and also ‘ups the website testing stakes’ with a tool that actually predicts your visitors click and eye flow, all without even needing a live website!

Their new tool, currently in free private beta, is called AttentionWizard and actually predicts what your visitors will pay attention to and what they are likely to ignore. Its going to be very simple – you simply submit a screenshot of the page you want evaluated and it makes instant predictions based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.  This tool will be VERY useful for helping to identify problematic areas of landing pages and to help increase converstion rates. There will be a free version, and also a paid premium version with extra features.

Here is a screenshot of Attention Wizard in action on the old homepage. Looks pretty amazing right?

Attenion Wizard screenshot

I know I am very excited to test out this game changing website optimization tool! If you are interested in more details I suggest you sign up for the updates or the private beta . Hopefully this will be launched by the end of the year!

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  • Bret Clement

    This is very cool. I work with a client ( – $29 user test videos) and as a part of that visited one of New England’s biggest interactive agencies and toured their usability lab. Was really cool. Track users eyes. Their biorhythms even. But yeah, at $20k a session for usability tests, not in everyone’s budget.

  • Steven Manning

    That does look great. Although, wouldn’t information taken from real time analytics and real web browsers such as information from ClickTale analytics or the others be more accurate than artificial intelligence would be??