25 Signs That Your Website Has Conversion Problems (Without Needing Google Analytics to Find Out)

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website problemJust launched an online business? Don’t know how well your website is really performing? Don’t have a clue how to check conversion rates?

“Most websites don’t have a massive traffic problem, however every website in the world has a conversion problem” – Bryan Eisenberg

The truth is many online businesses don’t really know how to check if their website is converting well, other than by judging how many sales or customers they are getting.

And many others don’t really know how to use Google Analytics to check their conversion rates either.

Therefore to help you find out if you have a website conversion problem (without having to use Google Analytics to find out), I have put together a list of 25 signs that indicate your website isn’t converting very well and that you need expert help!

How many of these 25 signs sound familiar?

  1. You spent $100 on driving traffic without seeing any new sales or customers
  2. You haven’t done any A/B testing to improve your website
  3. You think that increasing traffic is the best way of increasing conversions
  4. You use ‘click here’ for some of your links
  5. You haven’t recently tried purchasing or signing up on your own website
  6. You aren’t providing a free incentive to get more people to sign-up/register
  7. You have never asked your boss for money to improve your conversions
  8. You don’t offer any guarantee or other risk reducers for your visitors
  9. You have never surveyed your website visitors to ask for feedback
  10. You don’t have a clear call-to-action on your homepage
  11. You don’t clearly show your unique value proposition on your homepage
  12. You don’t show any security or trust seals in your checkout or sign-up pages
  13. You don’t know what the page fold is or how to use it best
  14. You use a ‘captcha’ on your forms to prevent spam or bots
  15. You don’t know the names of any conversion rate experts
  16. Your website has few signs of life – few comments, few likes or follows
  17. You care more about getting on the first page of Google than conversions
  18. Your boss decides on whats best for the website, not your visitors
  19. You don’t know the benefit of using goals in Google Analytics
  20. You spent a ton of money on a site redesign but it didn’t increase sales
  21. You don’t know what a landing page is, let alone used one
  22. You don’t know your own website conversion rate
  23. You only get a few subscribers to your newsletter per week
  24. You don’t know what social proof is or how to build it
  25. You have never checked your website in a different browser

Now over to you…

Be honest. How many of these signs apply to you? Don’t worry, you won’t be alone in admitting many of these – even some experts make some of these mistakes!

And if it looks like you have many problems, don’t be too shy or proud to ask for help from some of conversion experts (like myself) listed in sign #15.

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  • Tammy Davidson

    Looks like I need some help then! Thanks for the article, definitely very eye opening.

  • http://rich-page.com/ Rich Page

    Glad you enjoyed it Tammy! Let me know if you need any help.

  • Rita Barry

    Thanks for the mention Rich. GA is usually the last place to look for a lot of things ;)

  • http://rich-page.com/ Rich Page

    Thanks Rita! Loved your article too – I will definitely have to spend some more time on your site seeing what else you have :)

  • Jeremy White

    I have to admit that my website has many of those problems! I guess I really need to do some ab testing soon – thanks for the article Rich

  • Mark Hall

    Great stuff, Rich – thanks!
    I’d suggest adding these others to your list (sorry, would mess up your nice ’25 signs’ numbering ;-) ):
    - You’ve never watched a typical user interact with your key pages.
    - You haven’t defined your ‘micro conversion’ metrics (steps in lead gen process)
    - You can’t quantify the ROI of your online marketing efforts

  • http://rich-page.com/ Rich Page

    Glad you liked it Jeremy! Thanks…

  • http://rich-page.com/ Rich Page

    Mark – those are great ideas to add. I’m sure we could end up making this a top 50! Thanks for adding…