My Guest Post at ProBlogger! 5 Ways to Optimize Blogs

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probloggerRecently at the Blog World expo I had the great privilege to meet Darren Rowse, the mastermind behind one of my favorite blogs (and also one of the most popular online), ProBlogger. We talked for a while, and suggested that I could do a guest post on his blog to help his readers try and optimize their blogs better. So after I spent a few hours creating this blog post, I was pleased to see Darren posted it on his website earlier today!

Check out my guest post on ProBlogger - I am pretty proud of it – it already has 36 comments! Would love to know what you think of my ideas for improving blogs. Just to give you a taster, one of my tips is to build a community around your blog to encourage repeat visits (much cheaper than paid search to get visitors!)

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  • jacobpm

    Totally vibe with each and every Idea. I took some of your ideas and tailered them to my blog writing style.

    Like i posted there I’ve started making a point to looking at what keywords tracked the highest bounce rates to tailer new content for these in order to try to “re-capture” at a later date.

    Glad things are getting busy for you..Keep up the good work!

  • Miguel Salcido

    Rich, congrats on the guest post for Problogger That is phenomenal.

    I love the post and the advice you give, especially the survey stuff. So many people forget that the best analytics data you can get comes from direct customer feedback. I had a question about Ning though, I thought that you cannot host your own Ning site, that it is alot like using Blogger. You will never own the site or the content. Is that true? And have you had a chance to play around with BuddyPress yet, it looks like a ton of fun?

    I am glad to hear that you are getting the chance to travel to all of these great conferences and events, those are great opportunities.

  • Linda Bustos

    w00p w00p nice job Rich!