Google Website Optimizer – The Ultimate Sales Pitch!

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Well, if Google Website Optimizer wasn’t free, and actually cost money, then this video would certainly persuade anyone to buy it! Its a great official Google Website Optimizer video that explains all the major uses of Google Website Optimizer and how it really does improve websites (the all important ‘why’, not the ‘what’ – see my previous post about ‘Web Analytics – An Hour a Day’ book review).

It raises some great alternative new ways to use it (check out the cool ‘linger’ test!), and great questions at the end too - it really makes you think. It really makes you want to go out and start using Google Website Optimizer! I have used this tool on some of my own personal websites, and let me tell you, its fascinating… and it works! Great presenter, great video, great free tool. Watch it, and get optimizing!

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