Email Marketing + Google Analytics = Finally!

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One thing has always surprised me when it comes to email marketing providers. They are so concerned with delivery, open rates and click through rates, which is fine. But what about taking this a step further and being able to track leads and sales as a result of email campaigns. I know its something I have always wanted to be able to track more effectively, particularly for Z57′s newsletter Z-News (goes out to 60,000). In particular, why email marketing providers aren’t thinking of letting you integrate Google Analytics. This would have enormous value.

Well, an email marketing provider just launched this tracking ability! Its a company called Listrak, and they seem to understand the value of tracking leads and sales from email campaigns. Finally someone gets it! They have built in the functionality to track using your Google Analytics account. Now you can compare the effectiveness of your email campaigns against other marketing campaigns like SEO and PPC. Great job Listrak – Z57 will hopefully be switching to you very soon!

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  • John Lozzi

    Hi Rich, thank you for the kind words, are you available to talk this am? We’d like to get you switched over to Listrak :)

    John Lozzi
    717.627.4528 ext 308