35 Web Analytics & Internet Marketing Experts You Should Be Following (on Twitter)

A great way to gain more understanding about web analytics and internet marketing is to learn from the experts and hear what they are saying. Obvously you can read their blogs, but another great way to gain insight into their minds is by following them on Twitter. And for those of you that have been living in a cave, Twitter is like a ‘mini-blog’ tool, that allows you to read and write many simple one line posts. This allows for a different style of communication (others often reveal great links they find), and even allows for asking questions to others. Which is great if you don’t know who to turn to for help! So, I have created a list of the 35 web analytics and internet marketing experts you should be following on twitter…

Great Web Analysts who are on Twitter

Eric Peterson

Marshall Sponder

June Dershewitz

Jim Sterne

Manoj Jasra

Dennis Mortensen 

Linda Bustos (Get Elastic)

Bryan Eisenberg

Rich Page (shameless plug)

Chris Grant

Digital Alex

Bobby Hewitt

Chad Parizman

Luc Arnold

DWP Shields

By the way… Avinash – why arent you using Twitter yet?

Great Internet Marketing Who Are on Twitter

Rand Fishkin (SEO Moz)

Andy Beal (Marketing Pilgrim)

Seth Godin

Search Engine Roundtable

Mike Buonomo

Search Marketing Gurus

Fumi Mastubara

Copy Blogger

Eric Friedman

Danny Sullivan

Duct Tape Marketing

Barry Welford

Search Engine Guide

Craig Ritchie

Doug Hudiburg

Gator Herb (Marketing Sherpa)

The Product Guy

Search Marketing Gurus

DJ Francis

Newspaper Girl

Just go ahead, create a profile on Twitter (if you haven’t already done so), and click ‘follow’ on any of the people in this list. And feel free to ask them questions – including me! Its pretty addictive when you start twittering…

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  • http://www.craigritchie.com Craig Ritchie

    Thanks! I’m honored. I hope I can provide some insight to some new followers.

    And, I’ve got some new tweeters to follow (including you) — thanks for the list.

  • http://www.alexlcohen.com Alex

    Hey Rich,

    Thanks for adding me. I kept getting all of these followers and I was wondering where they came from :-)


  • http://www.techtipsblog.com Mike B. – Searchbuzz

    Thanks mate! You’re not so bad yourself!

    When you going to drop some analytic knowledge bombs my way??


  • http://www.evisibility.com/blog Fumi Mastubara

    Hey Rich, thank you for including my name on this list. What an honor, as I Love reading your blog!

    On a side note, you need to come work with us! We are still looking for kick ass web analytics that can also mesh with our culture. Get out of smoggy Hell-A and come down to Sunny San Diego! :)

  • http://www.thebaldchemist.com The Baldchemist

    Hello Rich.
    While I may agree about reading other “great minds” stuff, don’t you think that it’s time to get creative with our own stuff.
    You know the web is getting full of other peoples work. Copied, revered as gurus, mentors and whatever but with no originality.
    It’s time to stop pissing in each others pockets and get the creative brains working.
    When you follow others work you are always behind. Originality wins everytime.
    But I’ll keep my eyes open for your stuff. Cheers. The Baldchemist

  • http://www.creativethirst.com Bobby Hewitt

    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for the add, If anyone has any questions about web analytics please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. I’m always willing to help.

  • http://www.vinayis.in/ Vinay

    Thanks Rich for this extensive list something I have also been spending time compiling. I wanted to follow some of the best pioneers in Web Analytics and Internet Marketing. You made my job easier, its also surprising that I have been following 20/35 people you have presented here (including you). So I had to follow the rest 15!

    Thanks again! And glad the commenters are here, welcome the conversation.

    - Vinay

  • http://tpgblog.com Jeremy Horn

    Nice list! You can also find me on plurk. ;)


    Rich, keep up the good work.

    Jeremy Horn
    The Product Guy

  • http://www.strategicmarketingmontreal.ca/otherbb/ Barry Welford

    It’s great to see resources like this that make Twitter a little more community based. .. and thanks for the mention, Rich. Good article.

  • http://www.comicwonder.com Kris

    Why are we all still using Twitter over Pownce? Confuses the heck out of me.

    Great write-up, though, Rich!

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  • http://www.parkercolorado.net Chris Morin

    Thanks for the great list, I was surprised that the only one I was following on the top half was YOU. Just a note though Chad Parizman
    http://twitter.com/Whodini has never tweeted anything and
    Luc Arnold http://twitter.com/purewebanalytic that link goes to never never land. Great read, THANKS!

  • http://marketingmeerkat.com Marketing Meerkat

    Hey Rich, thanks for sharing this. ;)

  • http://www.webproductblog.com/ Thomas Fuchs-Martin

    Thank you Rich for sharing these interesting contacts! I follow your example and share my 111 webanalytics tweeters contacts here:

    111+ Web Analytics Tweeter You Must Follow


  • http://twitter.com/abhishektalk Abhishek Singh

    Thanks . You save my time to find out these BIG internet marrketing guys on twitter. I regulary read tweets ( interview & videos ) of Eric Peterson, Web Analytics World, Manoj Jasra, Linda Bustos and Avinash Kaushik.

  • http://khoz.me Rajib Roy

    Hey Rich, thanks for sharing this.

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