New Copyblogger Landing Page Makeover Clinic!

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One of my favorite blogs have just come up with a great idea! They have just launched a landing page makeover clinic – First up to be made-over is (a leading SEO blog, with great free SEO tools – another one of my favorite blogs). And their makeover ‘makes’ for great reading. Take a look:

In terms of the makeover review, at first glance, I thought that the SEOmoz landing page was good – mainly because its visually appealing. But upon further look, I would have to agree with many of CopyBlogger’s points – especially the benefit-rich headline. After all, if you don’t peak their interest then, they wont even read the rest of the landing page. Just goes to show, just because something looks great, doesn’t mean the copy works as well as could be. I also particularly agree with their ‘too many choices paralyze’ way of thinking. I have long been an advocate of this thinking, and have corrected instances in my web improvement history, to great effect.

I applaud Copyblogger for offering this service - being a big web analytics and web improvement advocate, these guys are helping make the web a better place. For web strategists and marketeers (who get more conversions) and the actual web visitor – it makes landing pages more appealing and more to the point for the user.

Can’t wait to see who Copyblogger have lined up next for the landing page makeover clinic!

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