MSN Live Search – Watch out Google?

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Maybe that’s a ‘slight’ exaggeration, but the latest search engine market share rankings are in. No surprising Google is still dominating second placed Yahoo, but the real interesting news is that MSN is growing faster than both of them in terms of share of searches! Live search actully grew 77.4% in the last year, compared to Google, who grew 46% (how can they still continue to grow that much?) and Yahoo who grew 20%. AOL is still growing, but barely, and i’m surprised that Ask hasn’t grown more than 20%.

I’m pretty pleased for MSN Live Search, they have a nice clean easy to use interface, good related searches, and non-obtrusive sponsored results. They should follow the great user experience of their image search, and allow for continous scrolling without having to click ‘next’. Now that would be an amazing web search…

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  • Robert MacEwan

    When Microsoft takes over the handling of ads for Digg this will likely increase again. I do feel this is misleading though, even in little WashingtonNC everyone says they use Google.

    Then again lots of people are buying Apple computers around here also.