Have you Stumbled Lately?

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Lets face it. I’m addicted to stumbling. And no I don’t mean falling down after a few drinks (which happens). I mean a little something called ‘Stumble Upon‘. Have you tried it yet? I have learnt so much (some useless info too) by using this. Basically, it allows you to find websites in categories that are of interest to you. You can even recommend new websites if you download the Stumble Upon tool bar. I’m glad its around. I remember a similar idea called ‘etour’ from back in 2000. And I loved that – no idea why it went belly up. So, if you haven’t already tried ‘stumbling’ yet, go to take a stumble.. you never know what you might learn or find! But one last thing. Time just disappears when you use it – its that addictive! One minute you just feel like a quick ‘stumble’, next minute, its an hour later, and your car still didn’t get washed!

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