Do What You Love. Most Inspiring Speech I have Heard all Year.

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Please watch this video. And listen to this guy, Gary Vaynerchuk. He is so PASSIONATE and inspiring (and helps that he is very funny). He spoke at a few web conferences lately (including the blog expo that I was at last weekend). He really brings home an inspiring message about doing what you love, and not putting up with anything else, and hes starting to set the world on fire. You won’t regret watching it!

So stop watching Lost. Please. And do what you love! And I happen to love helping improve websites. What do you love? Would love to know…

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    I love blogging about Web Analytics in Europe:

  • Jeff Hogg

    I love wine.
    We’re giving away copies of Gary’s book on our site until November. If you’re interested head on over.

  • Jen

    Great stuff – thanks for posting!

  • Jeremy Day

    Hi Rich,

    That is certainly the most inspiring speech I have heard all year too. Thanks for getting that posted. I am curious though. What did you actually go out and DO after hearing that speech? Did it spur you onward or did you simply just get excited from it?


  • Hripsime Kocharyan

    thanks for inspiring me!!!!!! G_R_E_A_T