Congratulations Feedburner!

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Well, there was recently a strong rumour going around that Google were about to buy Feedburner for $100 million. This was just officially announced yesterday afternoon, so congratulations to Feedburner. I love Feedburner and have watched them grow into being an RSS feed powerhouse. I first started using them a year and a half ago, and now can’t imagine running a blog without them. I use them for their email subscription feature (so you can stay up to date with blogs via email), their RSS chicklet icons (so you can subscribe in different RSS readers), and also their option to turn RSS into HTML, so you can put latest blog posts on websites. You can see feedburner in action for this feed on the right, and also for the real estate marketing blog that I run for Z57 internet solutions.

You guys deserve the windfall- you have one of the best web 2.0 tool sets I have found online! A very smart acquisition by Google so they can dominate in the RSS field – watch for strong integration into their Google Reader product. And if you aren’t already using them, go register your blog feeds there!

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