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Hi. My name is Rich Page. I have over 10 years experience with web analytics, A/B testing and conversion rate optimization. I’ve written two popular books about improving websites and have optimized sales, leads and conversion rates for 100’s of websites, including Disney.com and Vodafone.com.

Question: Do you think your website could perform much better for sales or leads? But not sure what to do?

I can significantly lift your website conversions, sales and leads

I’ve been helping online businesses do this for many years all without needing more traffic. Here are the best ways that I can improve the performance of your website:

More about Rich’s website optimization experience

I have deep expertize in web analytics, A/B testing and conversion rate optimization, and have optimized 100’s of websites over the last 10 years, from Fortune 500 websites like Disney.com and Vodafone.com, to small business e-commerce and startup websites.

Previously I’ve worked for Adobe as a Conversion Specialist helping their clients improve their testing and optimization strategies (including Vodafone, Skype, Tesco and Nationwide), and also worked inhouse for Disney Online as a Web Analytics and Optimization Manager.

I specialize in using best practices in conversion rate optimization (CRO), web analytics and web usability to gain increases in online revenue for clients.

I’m a certified Google Analytics individual, and highly experienced with other tools like Adobe Site Catalyst, Test & Target, Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely.

I am also the proud author of  ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day‘ and the co-author of the 2nd Edition of Tim Ash’s very popular ‘Landing Page Optimization’ book.

I have created the highest rated CRO course on Udemy, featuring over 6 hours of video to help you create a highly converting and selling website.

I have also enjoyed speaking at many online marketing conferences and events, including Adobe Digital Marketing Summit and Conversion Conference, and am available to be hired for speaking events.

Here is a video of me being interviewed at the Emerce Conversion Conference in 2014.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @richpage and connect with me on LinkedIn.com.

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